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Advocacy — Helping Bridge the Gaps

Alberta’s health system is complex and people don’t always find or receive the kind of care they are looking for.

The Office of the Alberta Health Advocates brings together Alberta’s Mental Health Patient Advocate and the new Health Advocate and Seniors’ Advocate. It’s a place where Albertans can come to for advice and help in dealing with their issues. People will be helped to find their way to the services and patient concerns offices they need.

Albertans don’t have to know which Advocate they need before calling or writing. The Office will help people sort through the issues and solve problems.

Join the Build

The Office of the Health Advocate opened April 1, 2014. We are going to be building our office and website as we learn what Albertans want and need. Let us know what you think and join the build.

Meet the Advocates and Learn More

AHA Health link Alberta’s new Health Advocate will:
  • Build awareness about the Health Charter and what people can expect from the health system, and their responsibilities
  • Help people navigate the health system
  • Look into situations where people believe their interactions with the health system haven’t been consistent with the Health Charter
  • Redirect complaints to existing resolution mechanisms where appropriate
AHA - Mental Health link

Alberta’s Mental Health Patient Advocate was created in 1990. The Advocate can help people detained in hospital under mental health certificates and people under community treatment orders, and those acting on their behalf, to:

  • Understand and exercise their rights
  • Resolve concerns
AHA - Seniors link Alberta’s new Seniors’ Advocate will:
  • Help seniors and their families understand and access the growing number of seniors’ services
  • Request inspections and investigations related to care in seniors’ facilities
  • Provide public education on the rights and interests of seniors