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Health Charter

 ​When I interact with the health system, I expect that I will:

  • Have my health status, social and economic circumstances, and personal beliefs and values acknowledged
  • Be treated with respect and dignity
  • Have access to team-based primary care services
  • Have the confidentiality and privacy of my health information respected
  • Be informed in ways that I understand so that I may make informed decisions about my health, health care and treatment
  • Be able to participate fully in my health and health care
  • Be supported through my care journey and helped to find and access the health services and care that I require
  • Receive information on the health system and education about healthy living and wellness
  • Have timely and reasonable access to safe, high quality health services and care
  • Have timely and reasonable access to my personal health information
  • Have the opportunity to raise concerns and receive a timely response to my concerns, without fear of retribution or an impact on my health services and care

Taking my circumstances into account and to the best of my abilities, when I interact with the health system, I understand that I will be asked to:

  • Respect the rights of other patients and health providers
  • Ask questions and work with providers to understand the information I am being provided
  • Demonstrate that I, or my guardian and/or caregivers, understand the care plan we have developed together and that steps are being taken to follow the plan
  • Treat health services as a valuable public resource
  • Learn how to better access health services
  • Make healthy choices in my life

As I work to be a healthy citizen within Alberta, I expect that:

  • When economic, fiscal and social policies are being developed by the Alberta government, the impact of those policies on public health, wellness and prevention will be considered and steps taken to ensure that public policy is healthy policy