The Health Advocate has authority under the Alberta Health Act to review situations where someone is believed to have acted in a manner that is inconsistent with the principles set out in the Alberta Health Charter​.​

The Mental Health Patient Advocate (MHPA) has authority under the ​Mental Health Act ​to investigate complaints about a patient who is or has been under one or two admission certificates or renewal certificates, or subject to a community treatment order. If the complaint does not fall under the MHPA jurisdiction, a referral may be made to another body to assist. Click here ​to learn more about mental health rights. 

We recommend that people make an effort to deal with a concern at the time that it arises. It is helpful to first approach those directly involved to seek resolution. Many concerns arise out of miscommunications between patients, families and the providers involved. For the most part, concerns can be resolved easily if the issue is raised directly with the people involved in a respectful manner and with an open mind to finding a resolution. However, we understand that there are times  when it is necessary to reach out for assistance from third parties, such as the Advocates.  We will look for ways of assisting you to become empowered to handle your concerns on your own. However, where our jurisdiction allows, we will take your complaint and assist you as best we can.